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Engineering & Public Works

The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for providing a variety of municipal services in the District of Central Saanich. These include:

Improvements, operation and maintenance of:

º 133 kilometers of paved roads

º 2 kilometers of unpaved roads


73 kilometers of storm sewers

º 120 kilometers of drainage ditches

º 100 kilometers of sanitary sewers, sewage pumps and lift stations

º 130 kilometers of watermain, pressure-reducing valves and booster pump

Providing municipal service connections for water, sewer, and storm drains

Maintenance of municipal vehicles and equipment

Maintenance of municipal park system consisting of 32 municipal parks, 28 beach accesses and trails,  covering 75.23 hectares

Design and construction of roads, sidewalks, traffic control measures, drainage, sanitary sewers, and watermains, and planning of future servicing requirements

Review and inspection of subdivision developments in the District

Responding to queries in respect of municipal servicing requirements from consultants, contractors, developers, and residents

Issuing soil deposit and removal permits, tree cutting permits in areas susceptible to soil erosion, driveway access permits, and permits to work within municipal road allowance

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