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Snow and Ice Control

Each winter season the District of Central Saanich is responsible for maintaining well over 130 Kilometers of road surface in a safe and passable condition. This brochure provides basic information on how the Roads Department performs this service. Of course, nature plays a major role in the end result.

Central Saanich’s normal snowfall is often referred to as “a 72 hour winter”. Generally it starts snowing in the early evening and has stopped by morning.

Central Saanich Winter

Accumulations of snow can vary from 5 cm to 15 cm or more on occasions. Rain usually follows the snowfall within a few days. There are exceptions where temperatures can drop after the original snowfall and the snow remains for longer. This seems to be happening more often with the global climate changes. On such occasions, despite the best efforts of a highly motivated crew, conditions can deteriorate and roads can become treacherous. Motorists are advised to practice defensive driving, use good snow tires and exercise caution at all times.

The Public Works Roads Section monitors changing winter road conditions during regular hours of work looking for hazardous conditions arising from snow or ice. After hours, Central Saanich Police monitors road conditions by the officers in the field. Once a roadway is identified as potentially hazardous, operations staff respond according to snow clearing response priorities.

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