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BC Building Code Updates

Effective December 19, 2014, all building permit applications will need to demonstrate compliance with new Building Code updates, including energy conservation and mechanical ventilation improvements. 

For residential construction, this means considering the entire building envelope assembly as the “effective R value” and not just the insulation itself.  Emphasis has been placed on ensuring the air barrier is not only continuous in the building envelope, but also sealed well at every junction and penetration.  Mechanical ventilation systems have also changed; dwelling units need both exhaust air as well as supply air, maintaining a better balance with the air tight construction.

Further information is available at the Building Inspection office or online at the BC Government, Building and Safety Standards Branch website.

This department encompasses many services including Planning, Building Inspections, Bylaw Enforcement, and Community Services. Staff responsibilities include the administration of the Official Community Plan policies and municipal land use bylaws, processing development and subdivision applications, regulation of building construction, issuing Business Licences, and planning for future development and current use of park space on behalf of the community.

Any member of Planning and Building Services would be happy to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your property, development and community services.

Director of Planning and Building Services
Bruce Greig, mcip, bcsla  250-544-4214
Planning Department 250-544-4209
Jessica Lam, mcip, rpp Planner
Jill Walker Administrative Assistant
Building Department 250-544-4217
Michael Taylor, RBO
Chief Building Inspector
Kristina DeMedeiros, RBO Building/Plumbing Inspector
Andrew Law Building/Plumbing Inspector
Mona Mikkelsen Administrative Assistant
Bylaw Enforcement 250-544-4237
Ken Neurauter, BSc. Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Community Services 250-544-4218
Bonnie McKenzie, BSc.
Manager of Community Services
Andrea Giese Administrative Assistant
Mark Mutz Facility Maintenance

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