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Permits & Licences

As a resident of the District of Central Saanich, you may find yourself in a situation requiring a licence for a home occupation or a building permit to finish your basement space. Further information regarding these and other residential issues are available below.


Blasting Permit Plumbing Permit
Building Permit Protected Tree Cutting Permit
Burning Permit Septic Systems
Chimney and Wood Burning Appliance Permit Soil Deposit Permit
Dog Licence Soil Removal Permit
Driveway Permit Tree Cutting Permit (Erosion District)
Home Occupation Business Licence

Blasting Permit

A Blasting Permit is required for all blasting operations and is subject to the conditions stipulated in the Blasting Permit Bylaw No.695. The Blasting Permit may also be subject to the conditions of the Soil Removal, Deposit, Erosion and Tree Cutting Bylaws. Contact the Engineering Department at 544-4210 further information.

Building Permit

Residential Building Permits are required for any new construction, alterations, renovations, or demolitions of any residential or accessory structures. Details of applications, permits processes, costs and inspections are available from the Building Inspections Department.

Burning Permit
Further information regarding Burning Permits is available from the Fire Department page or call 250-544-4238

Chimney and Wood Burning Appliance Permit

Permits are required from the Fire Department for the installation of any wood burning appliance or manufactured metal chimney. The construction of any new masonry chimney would require a permit from the Building Department.

Approvals on existing appliances may be hard to obtain as regulations and standards have changed over the years and permits and inspections must be reviewed using the applicable code of the day. To obtain an inspection of an existing appliance, you may wish to contact a WETT certified installer.

The following sites provide further information on wood burning.

ResidentialWood Heating
Wood Energy Technicians of BC
Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.
Wood Stove Permit Application

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Dog Licence
Licences are available at the municipal hall. The annual fees are as follows:
Non-spayed or non-neutered
Spayed or Neutered


Driveway Permit

Driveway Permits are often issued in conjunction with a new dwelling unit and are available from the Engineering Department. Any questions about altering your current driveway access should be addressed to staff at 544-4210.

Home Occupation Business Licence

A business licence may be obtained for a home occupation where the operation would comply with the Home Occupation Regulations. An application may be submitted and will be reviewed for compliance by the Business Licence Inspector, the Building Inspections Department and the Fire Department.

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Plumbing Permit

If you are adding or relocating existing plumbing fixtures, replacing drain tile or installing an irrigation system or inground pool, a plumbing permit is required. Specific questions should be directed to the Inspections Department at 544-4217, but you can find fee information and application forms on the Building Permit Information page.

Protected Tree Cutting Permit

Central Saanich Tree Protection Bylaw No. 1595, 2008 regulates the cutting or pruning of certain trees on private property.  You may require a permit before undertaking tree work on your property.  A tree protection guide to the bylaw is provided along with a protected tree cutting/pruning permit application form. If you require further information, contact the Central Saanich Planning Department at 250-544-4209.






Septic Systems

Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) regulates the installation of septic systems, when no municipal sewer is available. Please contact VIHA at 250-519-3401 for further information.

Soil Deposits Permit
Soil Deposit Permits are required to monitor and regulate the deposit of fill on land including soil, sand, gravel, rock or any other material which can be used to alter the contours of the land. Contact the Engineering Department at 544-4210 further information.

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Soil Removal Permit

Soil Removal Permits are required to regulate the removal of soil, sand, gravel, rock or other substances of which the land is composed. Contact the Engineering Department at 544-4210 further information.

Tree Cutting Permit (Erosion District)

Special consideration has to be given to the removal of trees in areas that may be subject to flooding, erosion, landslip or avalanches. The Erosion District is the area of land designated in Schedule "A" of Bylaw 993. Contact the Engineering Department at 544-4210 further information.

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