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Deer Management

In 2011-2012 the Regional Deer Management Strategy was developed  through the Capital Regional District (CRD) Regional Planning Division in conjunction with the Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG) and liaison with Expert Resource Working Group for deer management options. It was formed in order to reduce the deer-human conflicts in the region and to focus on agricultural areas within the region.

In December 2012, the CRD Board supported the recommendations in a staff report to do the following:


Adopt the framework for a Regional Deer Management Strategy set out in the attachments to Staff Report No PPS/RP 2012-37 (excerpt)


Authorize staff to share the Deer Management Report with municipalities to gain concurrence, as well as cooperation to implement the management measures within their jurisdiction; and


Approve the additional budget necessary to support the proposed CRD role in implementing a regional deer management strategy in 2013.

A presentation was delivered by the CRD at the February 12 Committee of the Whole meeting. The presentation, outlining the potential implementation of management measures at the local level, was a result of meetings held between the CRD and local municipalities (including Saanich). CRD Regional Planning is providing administrative support and project coordination.

While the District of Central Saanich is participating in this larger initiative with the CRD, the District is also working to find specific solutions for farmers and landowners. It is expected the regional CRD project will be run mainly by the regional inter-agency committee, which includes farm community members and representatives from the various agencies.

For further information regarding the Deer Management Strategy, please visit the CRD website Capital Regional District Deer Management or call Regional Planning at 250-360-3160.

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