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Below you will find the more popular requested maps. Please visit the Municipal Hall for the latest mapping information or to obtain printed maps. Several mapbooks are also available in either letter or tabloid formats for a nominal charge.

Legal Notice: Municipal maps are amended from time to time. The maps available on this website might not be up to date. Current versions of all maps may be inspected at the Municipal Hall.

Zoning and ALR

This map displays Zoning boundaries and descriptions and shows lands within the provincial Agricultural Land Reserve.

Designated Heritage Sites

Displays the location and common name of our Heritage Sites.

Streets and Addresses

Displays the individual street names, property lines and house numbers.

Central Saanich Parks

Displays Municipal, Regional and Provincial parks within Central Saanich as well as walking and cycling routes.

Erosion/Nematode This map displays areas located within The Erosion District and The Golden Nematode Quarantine Area
OCP Land Use Plan Schedule A

Displays the long range land uses envisioned by the Official Community Plan.

OCP Schedule D

Displays areas designated as Development Permit Areas for commercial, industrial and multi-family developments.

OCP Schedule E

Displays areas designated as Environmental Development Permit Areas for marine shoreline and sensitive terrestrial ecosystems.

OCP Schedule F

Displays areas designated as Environmental Development Permit Areas for riparian areas (streams, wetlands and sensitive aquatic ecosystems).

Also available are the interactive maps of the Natural Areas Atlas that provides environmental information pertaining to the CRD.

As well, the Central Saanich Agricultural Resource Atlas provides a comprehensive overview of the land base of the municipality, with a particular focus on the soils, groundwater resources, and climate factors that influence agricultural production.

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