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Mosquito Control Program

District of Central Saanich Mosquito Control Program

Since February mosquito control program biologists have been sampling water bodies to monitor and control larval mosquito populations using the biological control agent VectoBac.

The program involves public education, mosquito species surveillance, mapping, and environmentally sustainable control of nuisance mosquitoes. Habitat monitoring and larvicide treatments by field biologists will continue through April and into August as conditions warrant.

Mosquitoes are a natural part of the environment. The biological control agent used is extremely effective in reducing mosquito numbers but it is not possible to totally eradicate mosquito annoyance in all areas. There can be new or unknown habitats that escape treatments until they are detected. In addition, access to some areas is very limited, some level of mosquito annoyance should be reasonably anticipated. Field activities will include the identification of these areas.

Mosquito Life Cycle

Residents are urged to assist where possible by eliminating standing water, especially any artificial containers such as stagnant watering troughs, buckets, discarded tires, water filled boats or other containers, cleaning of rain gutters, and removal of old discarded ties that hold water. Elimination of water ensures the permanent elimination of these mosquito habitats.

The following information about mosquitos will be of interest to District program area residents and is also be available as a brochure:

Homeowner Efforts

Residents can help reduce mosquito annoyance around the home by eliminating standing water sites and by:

removing discarded containers from around your property;

regularly replacing water in bird baths and livestock troughs; and
storing boats, canoes and other objects so that they do not collect rainwater

To reduce the annoyance of mosquitos:

install and maintain tight fitting window and door screens to help keep mosquitos out of the home

wear light colored, loose fitting clothing; and

since heat and moisture from barbeques attracts mosquitos, after cooking move away to enjoy your meal.

Misconceptions about Mosquito Repellents

Sound and electric devices:

these devices have no repellence effects; and

units are marketed with no test results.

Citronella (plants and candles):

there is no data to support mosquito control claims; and

unpleasant odors do not guarantee results.

Skin moisturizing oil:

field tests do not support mosquito control claims;

mosquitos are repelled far more by DEET than by skin moisturizer products

Misconceptions about Mosquito Control

 Bug zappers:

mosquitos comprise less than 5% of their catch;

they kill mostly beneficial insects; and

the zappers actually attract mosquitos.

Insect eating birds:

ornithologists state that swallows do not prefer mosquitos; and

mosquitos make up less than 3% of their diet.

Insect eating bats:

bat diets consist mainly of beetles, wasps, ants, flies, stoneflies, mayflies, moths and grasshoppers; and mosquitos make up less than 1% of their diet 

Mosquito Magnets can actually draw mosquitos into an area to bite humans

None of these have been shown to provide any scientifically valid level of relief from mosquito annoyance.

If you have known mosquito habitat on your property, and you know that the program biologists have already reviewed in the past, there is no need to call to report as they will have already been added to the site database and will be handled by staff over the course of the season.

If you have mosquito habitat that is on your property which is not already known by control personnel, please contact D.G. Regan and Associates at 1-800-681-3472 or, if necessary, program biologists may also be contacted by e-mail and will follow up, where required. Please leave a message containing your name, address, daytime contact or cellular numbers. Program control staff will follow up as field activities allow, usually within 48 hours.

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