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Updated February 23, 2017

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  District reaches settlement with Stanhope Dairy Farm New Icon

Saanichton, BC - A settlement has been reached between the District of Central Saanich and Stanhope Dairy Farm, Foundation Organics, and the Rendles, ending an ongoing legal case concerning the property’s non compliance with the District's land use bylaw.

Central Saanich council and staff heard from a great deal of residents over the past number of years with concerns about industrial traffic and noise. Community members have also been impacted by the odour emanating from a composting facility constructed on the property.

“The community’s concerns and our investigations demonstrated there were problems with the operation,” says Central Saanich Mayor Ryan Windsor. “We’re satisfied with settlement on this matter.”

Some of the main terms of the consent order can be summarized as follows:

  •  The Defendants will not import any food waste to the property.

  •  The Defendants will not import any construction or demolition waste to the property.

  •  The Defendants will cease the sale and advertising of “compost” or “composted” products and will only sell or advertise for sale “manure” or “aged manure” produced from the property;

In addition, there is a limit on the amount of wood waste that can be imported to the property annually and a requirement that it be used as animal bedding, and a limit on the amount of bulk manure or aged manure that can be sold from the property annually.

For further information, please contact:
Patrick Robins, Chief Administrative Officer

  2017 Budget Meeting Schedule New Icon

The 2017 Financial Plan is available and will be reviewed in a series of budget presentations scheduled as follows:

  • February 15 Budget Open House - Drop In
  • February 21 Departmental Presentations
  • February 28 Departmental Presentations
  • March 7 Capital Program
  • March 14 Budget Recap, Policy and Projects.


Snow and Ice Control New Icon

In the event of snowfall, property owners and residents are advised that the Central Saanich Streets and Traffic Bylaw requires you to clear snow and ice within 24 hours of the accumulation of such snow or ice from the sidewalk bordering your property. Please remember your elderly or physically challenged neighbours who would appreciate your assistance with snow removal.

The municipality will make every effort to keep major arterial and collector streets open and to clear snow from as many residential streets as possible. Please visit the Snow and Ice Control page for further information. As well, the Snow Control brochure further outlines these policies and procedures and is available at the Municipal Hall.

The cooperation of all property owners and residents in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  Annual Water Main Flushing Program New Icon

The District of Central Saanich advises residents that the Annual Water Main Flushing will begin January 23, 2017 and will continue until mid May. Please review the flushing schedule for specific zones and Water Main Flushing Notice for complete details.

  Weather Events Resources and Information

Residents are encouraged to prepare for heavy rainfall and high winds.

Watch for Trees and Branches
Look for downed power lines and keep a safe distance. Trees or branches on hydro lines should to be referred to BC Hydro 1-800-224-9376.  For municipal parks, boulevards or other public lands and tree issues, please contact Central Saanich Public Works at 250-544-4224.

Prevent and Report Flooding
Central Saanich crews are taking steps to prevent flooding by inspecting critical drainage infrastructure. In the event of a flood on streets and sidewalks, call Public Works (24/7) at 250-544-4224.

Sand Bags and Sand for the General Public
Outside the gates of the Central Saanich Public Works Yard, 1703 Keating X Road, is a supply of sand bags and sand.

A shovel has been provided, if needed, but it must remain on site. Residents of Central Saanich are permitted to fill sand bags and take them for personal use for the purpose of mitigating flooding problems on personal property. Please only take what you need and leave some for others in need.

For additional assistance please call Public Works (24/7) at 250-544-4224.

  Traffic Order: 2016-06 Hovey and Tomlinson Roads
  Traffic Order 2016-09 permits tractor trailer traffic to travel along that portion of Tomlinson Road that lies north of Stelly's Cross Road and that portion of Hovey Road that lies west of Tomlinson Road between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. daily when escorted by a Pilot Vehicle as defined in Division 8 of the Commercial Transportation Regulation of the Commercial Transportation Act of British Columbia from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.


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