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The Crest is a curved goat horn (cornucopia) from the mouth of which fruits and vegetables overflow. The Coat of Arms is the shield which is divided by two curved flaunches: on each section is a figure of a salmon placed vertically head upwards and back to back over a background of azure and silver horizontal stripes to represent the ocean. The centre panel of the shield is silver with three figures placed in a vertical line from top to bottom: a Thunderbird with wings extended, an English Rose in full bloom and a Daffodil blossom. The various figures in the Coat of Arms were carefully chosen to speak to the history, resources, ambiance and aspirations of Central Saanich and its people.

The Salmon on both sides  reference the fact that it is only a short distance in any direction to the ocean and its richness.

The Thunderbird stands guard, speaking to us of our First Nations, principally the Tsawout and Tsartlip First Nations communities.

The English Rose stands for the recent British heritage of the community and the systems of government based on Central Saanich as primarily an agriculturally-based community. This is reflected not only in the farmers’ fields but also in the many world-renowned private and public gardens.

The Cornucopia tells of the great bounty that comes to use from the hard work and dedication of the friendly people in the agricultural community. Central Saanich is blessed with rich land, bountiful oceans and a gentle climate.

The Motto is “Land of Plenty” which is lettered on a scroll and truly describes the District of Central Saanich.

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