Electric Kick Scooters

Central Saanich is one of the many communities in BC that is participating in the Electric Kick Scooter Pilot Project. 

During the pilot, electric kick scooters can be used in the same places as bicycles and e-bicycles in Central Saanich. This includes municipal roads with speed limits of 50 kph or lower, unless on a designated bicycle lane and does not include the Lochside Trail, which is under the authority of the Capital Regional District.

Regulations include:

  • You do not need a licence or insurance, but you must be 16 years old and wear a helmet and follow the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Electric kick scooters have a maximum self-propelled speed of 25 kph; 
  • Electric kick scooters follow the same rules and regulations as bicycles; 
  • Electric kick scooters are to make hook turns at intersections when making left-hand turns.

Electric kick scooter rules


By expanding opportunities for people to legally use-kick scooters, the District can help reduce household transportation costs while continuing to support a shift toward sustainable travel modes.