Secondary Suites

Considering building a suite in your home or legalizing an existing one?

A secondary suite is a dwelling unit within a house, with its own cooking facility, sleeping and bathroom areas, as well as its own external access. Land Use Bylaw #2072 refers to suites as an accessory dwelling, and many zones permit a secondary suite OR a detached accessory dwelling unit. You will require a building permit if you want to construct a new suite or legalize an existing non-permitted suite and further details on the permit requirements are available in our Secondary Suite guide.

Considerations and incentives

You should be aware of the BC Residential Tenancy Act regulations and implications relating to property assessment, property taxes and utility costs. Find more information at or The province has introduced the Secondary Suite Incentive Program; to help homeowners create affordable housing in their communities. The program will provide money to help homeowners create a new secondary suite on their property to be rented out for below market value. Learn more: