Accessibility Plan Underway

The District of Central Saanich, Town of Sidney and the District of North Saanich are working with consultants Left Turn Right Turn to complete the first ever municipal accessibility plans for the three Saanich Peninsula municipalities. This process will result in each municipality having its own accessibility plan, which will be developed in consultation with the Saanich Peninsula Accessibility Advisory Committee (SPAAC).  Thank you to everyone who took part in an online survey on accessibility this summer to help identify barriers to accessibility in our communities. The plans are expected to be complete by Fall 2023.

Accessibility in Central Saanich

Making Central Saanich more accessible is an ongoing priority for the  District. Accessibility means that all people can take part in the community, including people with disabilities.

The way we design municipal infrastructure and communicate with residents are key opportunities to facilitate greater inclusion in the community. 

Saanich Peninsula Accessibility Advisory Committee

Under the Accessible British Columbia Act, local governments, among several other organizations, are now required to form accessibility committees to reduce barriers for people living with disabilities.

The District of Central Saanich, Town of Sidney and District of North Saanich have formed a joint tri-municipal committee: the Saanich Peninsula Accessibility Advisory Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide comment and recommendations to Saanich Peninsula local governments on policies, programs, services, built environments, infrastructure and outdoor spaces in order continue to improve the livability, inclusivity and accessibility for persons with disabilities, who live, work and play on the Saanich Peninsula. 


If you have feedback related to accessibility in Central Saanich, please share your thoughts in the online form. Feedback will help the District make services more accessible and will also be collected and shared with the Saanich Peninsula Accessibility Advisory Committee.