Brentwood and Saanichton Commercial Cores

Densification of Brentwood and Saanichton village core was reviewed during earlier phases of the project and the policies below have already been approved. No new Land Use Bylaw regulations were adopted for these policy changes. 

New policies for densification in the Village centres include:

  • Support up to 5-storey buildings in the commercial core areas, these developments could be mixed-use buildings with lower level commercial with residential uses above.
  • Support buildings taller than 5-storeys if a significant community benefit is included, such as: affordable, seniors, or supportive housing; public plaza or community space; significant pedestrian/cycling infrastructure; having one floor dedicated to medical services; being a very energy efficient building; or contributing to or providing another identified amenity.
  • Support increased density along main travel corridors close to the village centres, small commercial nodes, and public transit.  This could be in the form of townhouses or apartment buildings up to 4 storeys.  

These types of development will remain subject to the existing Residential Multi-family and Commercial/ Mixed-use Development Permit Area guidelines.