Sign Permits

A sign permit is required for the construction or installation of any new sign, or the alteration or replacement of an existing sign. Examples of signs that require permits are free-standing, fascia, and awning signs, to name a few. There are also signs types that are not permitted in Central Saanich such as, animated, rotating or wall signs.

Permits are not required for

  • Unlighted real estate signs
  • Temporary construction signage
  • “Entrance” or “Exit” signs
  • Windows signs (up to 15% of window area)
  • Sandwich board signs

While the signs above may not require a permit, there are still regulations that need to be complied with, such as permitted sign locations and size. Please review the sign bylaw sections 61 and 62 of Land Use Bylaw for specific sign prohibitions and signs permitted without permits.

Sign Permit Process

  1. Complete the sign permit application
  2. Submit your application to the Building Department, along with all relevant drawings (site plan, elevations, sign size, details, etc.)
  3. Staff will review the application, with consideration to: 
    • any Development Permits previously issued for the Form and Character of the building/property;
    • the Official Community Plan guidelines for each area and sign type; and,
    • the Land Use Bylaw regulations for sign type, location and size.
  4. When a sign permit application has been reviewed and is ready for issuance, you will be advised and the sign fee payment is required.


Frequently Asked Questions