Agricultural Building Permits

Permitted uses in the Agriculture A-1 zone are defined in the Land Use Bylaw, Section 38.1, and these include agriculture, agriculture processing, greenhouse, equestrian and residential single family.  Land located in the Agricultural Land Reserve is regulated by the ALR Regulation, in addition to District bylaws.  Uses beyond what is specifically permitted, may be permitted if supported by Council and the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). 

After reviewing the Building FAQ's and determining that a permit is required, what next?
On this page, you will find what a building permit submission looks like and further details on specific types of construction and permits.  Please use this agricultural permit process only if it is a stand alone agricultural building, not for mixed uses.

Agricultural Building Permit Application

See what information is necessary for a complete agricultural buildingAg permit application - and if you have the items digitally, submit an ONLINE application through the links below, available 24/7!

ONLINE Permit Applications

NEW - You can now submit your building permit application through our online portal!  Using the links below, you will complete a permit journey, including providing your contact information, permit details, project value and uploading permit documents.  In order to complete payment online, and submit documents during the project, please make sure you have a online account.  You can register or log in during the permit process.  Contact our office at 250-544-4217 or if you have any questions.

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