The R-2 zone allows for single family dwellings or duplexes, subject to different minimum lot area requirements.   The minimum lot size required for a duplex in the R-2 zone has been reduced to 800 m2 (~8,600 ft2) from the previous requirement of 920 m2 (~9,900 ft2).  For single family dwellings the lot size requirement remains at 660 m2 or larger.  Although the lot size has been reduced for a duplex, it is expected that many existing lots that meet the 800 m2 requirement would need a variance for a reduced the lot frontage since a wider frontage is required to allow a duplex (26 m vs 21 m).

Where are duplexes currently allowed?

  • Currently the R-2 and R-2S zones permits both single family dwellings and duplexes.
  • The R-2 zone has different lot size requirements for a single family dwelling or a duplex. 
  • There are approximately 848 lots zoned R-2 in the District of which approximately 93% are in Brentwood Bay Village.
  • The R-2S zone permits duplexes or a single family dwelling on lots 550 m2 or greater.

What has changed?

  • New regulations have reduced the lot size required for a duplex in the R-2 zone from the previous requirement of 920 m2 (~9,900 ft2) to 800 m2 (~8,600 ft2) .  
  • In the R-2S zone, the proposed amendments would differentiate between single family dwelling and duplex with lot coverage and floor area ratio regulations. A duplex would be permitted a floor area ratio of 0.5 and lot coverage of 35%, which is slightly larger than 0.45 and 30% for a single family dwelling.
  • One of the significant advantages of supporting more duplexes is that they can provide more attainable options for purchasing a home. 
  • A maximum floor area for both single family dwellings and duplexes is now included (See max. house sizes.)

What does this change mean? 

  • This would allow approximately 120 more lots to build a duplex without needing to rezone. However, the lot frontage requirement for a duplex is also larger than a single family dwelling, (26 m vs 21 m) and it is anticipated that many of the potential duplex lots would require a variance to be approved by Council before a duplex could be constructed.  
  • Development of a duplex lot would require a Development Permit to regulate design under the new infill guidelines.
  • These maps show the R-2 zoned lots in red that would now meet the lot area requirement of 800 m2 for a duplex (red).  The orange lots are those that met the previous lot area requirement of 920 m2 for a duplex.