Development Cost Charges

Development Costs Charges & Incentives

The Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw No. 1889 levies charges for transportation, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water, and parks. The DCC program insures that the people who will use and benefit from the services provided pay their share of the costs in a fair and equitable manner. The DCC fees for new lots created through a subdivision process (small lot and single family) are payable at subdivision approval; fees for other developments (multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial) are payable at building permit issuance.

The DCC Reduction Bylaw allows for a 30% reduction of the District's Development Costs Charges if the development meets one of two specific criteria:

  1. Not for Profit Rental Housing Development, Including Supportive Living Housing; or,
  2. For Profit Affordable Rental Housing Development.

Please note that the CRD bylaw to impose "Development Cost Charges for the Saanich Peninsula Water and Wastewater Systems" is also applicable to a development and payable to the District on behalf of the CRD.