NEW: Apply online for Tree Permit

Tree preservation is a recognized climate mitigation measure. Not only are trees key to carbon sequestration, they can also support storm water management, reduce the urban heat island effect, provide habitat and enhance biodiversity.

Central Saanich has seen significant tree canopy loss, and  is working to slow current loss and eventually increase our canopy cover. Our Tree Management Bylaw  regulates the cutting, removal or damaging of trees and sets requirements for replacing trees.

Looking to plant a tree?

Our Tree Species List is a handy tool for determining what trees suit your needs.

Looking to prune a tree?

Pruning of branches of any Permit Tree that are more than 10 cm in diameter requires a tree permit (see Related Documents) unless the pruning is carried out by a certified arborist.

Looking to remove a tree?

You must submit a tree permit application if you are considering pruning, altering or removing a permit tree and, in some instances, an arborist report.

  1. First, determine if the tree you want to remove is a Permit Tree. Even permit trees that are dead or dying require a permit.

    Permit trees include:
    Trees greater than 30 cm diameter at breast height. To calculate diameter, measure the circumference of the tree at breast height and divide by 3.14.

    Protected species:
    Pacific Dogwood
    Pacific Yew
    Garry Oak
    Shore Pine
    Trembling Aspen

    Municipal trees, replacement trees, trees protected by a covenant or located within a development permit area, nesting trees and trees within the Erosion District or the Environmentally Sensitive Areas.
  2. If you wish to remove a Permit Tree, you must first apply for, and receive, a tree cutting permit.
  3. If your property does not meet the Tree Density Target after tree removal, you will need to plant replacement trees. A removed permit tree must be replaced with three trees to get the canopy to grow back quicker. See the Tree Species Replacements to help determine what type of tree is suitable. A landscape surety deposit ($500 per tree) is required for replacement trees, the deposit will be held for one year after the date of planting and will be returned once the trees are confirmed to be establishd. 
  4. Wondering about permit fees?  They are listed below.
Non-Hazardous Tree OR 
Tree Removal with Development Application
plus $25 per tree (max. $200)
Removing Hazardous Tree  AND
NO Development Application
Amending a permit $75
Replanting Suretyif applicable - $500 per tree required to plant

   5. If you have determined that you need a tree permit to prune or remove a tree on your property, you can now apply online.  

Tree Permit Application