Subdivision is the process to create new, titled parcels of land. A rezoning or development variance permit may be required prior to a subdivision application, if the current zone does not have enough lot area or frontage to allow for additional lot(s). This can be confirmed with a review of the current zoning regulations in the Land Use Bylaw. 

The following are types of subdivisions where approval of the Approving Officer is required:

  • Adjusting lot boundaries between two or more parcels;
  • Creating several new lots from one or more parcels;
  • Creating lots in a bare land strata development;
  • Creating a phased strata plan development;
  • Strata conversion

To find out about the fees, application requirements and process, check out the Guide to Subdivision.

To learn about Development Cost Charges, relating to subdivision, check out this DCC's page.

To review the Engineer Standard Drawings, for details on service connections, see the Development Servicing page.



Subdivision FAQ's