Application for Boards, Commission or Committee

Citizens sit on various commissions and committees and act as trustees for the community. They review applications brought forward by municipal staff and make appropriate recommendations to Council. It is a matter of law that members not become involved in conflict of interest situations and members should actively avoid gaining, or appearing to gain, private advantage from matters about which they have privileged information, or about which they are asked to comment and advise.

Please fill out this application form, alternatively, you are welcome to print and submit your application to:

Central Saanich Municipal Hall
1903 Mount Newton Cross Road,
Saanichton, BC V8M 2A9

Should you have any questions about this form, please contact the Municipal Hall at 250.652.4444.
Once applications have been considered by Council, applicants will be informed by email and mail if they have been appointed.

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Home Address
If appointed do you agree to your contact information being included in a committee membership list which is provided to the general public upon request?
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