Infrastructure Planning

Creating resilient assets for today - and the future

The District of Central Saanich is committed to good governance and financial management of our infrastructure, such as our sewers, roads and municipal-owned buildings. Infrastructure is critical to the quality of life for residents that live, work and play in Central Saanich.

A challenge facing our community is much of our existing infrastructure was constructed in the 1970s with significant funding support from senior levels of government. These assets are coming due for replacement, and annual work is required to maintain service levels. Central Saanich is not in a unique position –all local governments are faced with significantly increasing infrastructure costs and limited revenue sources.

Understanding our 'Asset Management Plan'

In 2017 the District implemented an Asset Management Plan and financial approach to escalate annual funding for asset replacement to higher, sustainable levels. The goal of the plan, which was updated in 2022, is to fund the forecasted required costs of replacing infrastructure from taxes and utility fees.

A separate "Infrastructure and Debt Levy" has been on property taxes since 2017 to clearly identify general infrastructure funding to our taxpayers.

Our assets include, but are not limited to:

  •  More than 46 municipal buildings
  • 140km of roads
  • 40+ parks
  • 125 km of water mains
  • 89 kilometres of gravity sewers
  • lift stations
  • pump and pressure stations
  • and sewer connections for homes and businesses

2021 Asset Management Plan update

Based on inflation and construction cost escalation, the District increases the amount of asset replacement funding raised and set aside each year. Maintenance costs in recent years are increasing substantially and we we are adding new infrastructure, such as active transportation, which needs to be accounted for.