T̸IX̱EṈ (pronounced tee-quan) is a sacred piece of land to the W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations and has been used by the First Nations for as long as 10,000 years.

With European settlement, T̸IX̱EṈ became crown land. It was then transferred to Central Saanich in the 1950s. Central Saanich Council is taking steps to return T̸IX̱EṈ back to its rightful owners and stewards of the land, the Tsawout (pronounced say-out) First Nation.

In August 2010, Nick Page of Raincoast Applied Ecology did a very thorough study of “Cordova Shore Conservation Strategy”. It included Historical Information on Tsawout’s Winter Village, also as being a year-round source of food that Tsawout relied on. Reports on several species at risk were well documents in this report.

In September 2012 a T̸IX̱EṈ Restoration Project was initiated. The restoration efforts resulted in the successful removal of invasive scotch boom and gorse from the shoreline.

There were education opportunities through participation in the restoration and ethno biological plant tours at T̸IX̱EṈ.

Tsawout has always vowed to “Protect T̸IX̱EṈ”.

Adelynne Claxton, Tsawout First Nation

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