Community mural celebrates sunsets and native plants


We're thrilled to see the completion of a mural painting in Brentwood Bay/ W̱JOȽEȽP at the Cultural Centre by local artists Chazz Elliott (TEMOSENG) and Jesse Campbell.

The mural depicts the famous sunsets over the inlet as well as the native plants that were once harvested where the Cultural Centre now stands. As shared by Chazz and Matt's uncle, John Elliott: “The whole area was used for grouse hunting, picking salmon and salal berries, and for gathering fern roots, oregon grape roots, and bark for medicinal uses like alder, yew, willow and cascara. Families camped around there while picking and harvesting. I suppose if you'd have to call it a specific name, our people would just refer to that area in conversation as KELÁJENEȻ, camp ground area. There were camps all around where young people were sent for training. To become good providers for community, for families. Sometimes sent out alone without any kind of weapon, they were to create their own way of trapping and hunting but were expected to bring their catch back to share.”

The purpose of the Community Art Program is to make art publicly accessible and enhance the enjoyment of public spaces, share local culture and contribute to community pride. The Cultural Centre is home to the library, senior centre, police community office, after-school care program and Panorama recreation classes.

Mural community art chazz elliot