Oak Haven Park


This beautiful 10.20-hectare hilltop park is located south of Benvenuto Avenue, between Wallace Drive and West Saanich Road. A 15-minute hike to the summit rewards the visitor with spectacular views of Saanich Inlet, Peninsula farmland, Sidney and James Islands. Late winter/early spring brings an amazing bloom of wild flowers, including: satin flower, camas, shooting star, harvest brodiaea, nodding onion, and red columbine, to name a few.

The District holds a conservation covenant with Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) and the Land Conservancy of BC to ensure the long-term protection of this Garry oak ecosystem.  The park is maintained by HAT in partnership with the District of Central Saanich and more recently, a new local stewardship group “Friends of Oak Haven Park” has been formed to undertake regular restoration activities to control priority invasive species (e.g., Daphne).

Interested in learning more or how you can join in the efforts to help restore Oak Haven Park?   Please contact volunteers@hat.bc.ca or climate@csaanich.ca