Watermain Flushing - 2024

Every year we flush our watermains to remove sediment and maintain good water quality. This takes place from February to May.

2024 Watermain Flushing Schedule

If you have special requirements for water clarity, please contact the Municipal Yard at 250-544-4224 ext. 3221.

The District cannot accept any responsibility for damages caused by low water pressure or the use of discoloured water. Therefore, we advise consumers to be on the alert for reduced water pressure and/or temporary discoloration of water.

Why do we flush our water mains?

Water main flushing program is a technique used to clean water distribution pipes and reservoirs of sediments that build up over time. This is accomplished by strategic manipulation of fire hydrants and valves to force water at high velocities through the system from previously flushed sections (source to extremities). The flushing program is conducted yearly and also provides the following system benefits

  • Improved water quality.
  • Improved system hydraulic capacity.
  • Improved system operation by identifying weak or problem areas.
  • Improved/restored chlorine residual.
  • Increased life of system components; including, pressure reducing valves, line valves, pumps, etc.

How does water main flushing affect your water?

During the flushing process, low pressures and discoloured water may be experienced for short periods. Any discolouration is temporary and is not a health hazard. CRD staff collect and test water samples daily throughout the entire distribution system to ensure that the water is safe for consumption. If any discolouration is noticed, residents are asked to open their cold water taps (after flushing hours) and allow it to flow until the water becomes clear. Residents with a weakened immune system should see HealthLinkBC information.