Development Planning & Approvals

The Local Government Act gives municipalities the authority to designate a property for a specific use (commercial, residential, industrial etc.) and to determine building parameters (height, setbacks, etc.). In Central Saanich, these zoning regulations can be found in the District's Land Use Bylaw.  Zoning is meant to be compliant with the Official Community Plan, which sets out the long-term vision for the community, including land use management and planning decisions.

A property's zoning determines how the land can be used, what type and size of buildings may be constructed on it, and the size of lots that can be created. Any development of a property should conform with zoning regulations (along with off-street parking, landscaping and other regulations) which can be found in the District's Land Use Bylaw To determine the zoning designation of your property, check out our interactive map and turn on the layer called Land Use.