Inspections & Permits

Fire Inspections & Permits

The Fire Department conducts inspections to keep buildings safe for occupants. Fire inspections consist of maintaining life safety systems and devices, such as exits, smoke alarms, sprinklers, standpipe systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, and special suppression systems as well as other fire safety issues.

Business licence inspections and permits
Prior to an approval of a business licence, CSFD will conduct a fire inspection to ensure fire safety requirements are met.

Woodstove inspections and permits
If you are installing a woodstove, you required a professional installer and a CSFD inspection and permit. The first steps are to read this guide, our tips, and return the permit application at Station #1, located at 1512 Keating Cross Road. Records for previous permits would be located in the building department over at the municipal hall.

Oil tank and oil burning equipment inspections and permits
Are you installing, removing or altering an oil tank or equipment? Please fill out a permit application and return it to Station #1, located at 1512 Keating Cross Road, to start the inspection and permit process.

Do you want to find out if there is an oil tank on your property? Or are you looking for historical records of oil tank installations and removals? Please contact the building department in the municipal hall at 250.544.4217.

Fireworks permit
To apply for a fireworks permit, fill out the Family Fireworks Permit Application form and return it to Station 1, located at 1512 Keating Cross Road.

For information about the Car Seat Inspection Program, pop over to our Safety & Education page.