Active Transportation

Active transportation is a top priority for our community. Central Saanich's Active Transportation Plan lays out a plan to develop new infrastructure and encourage walking, cycling, rolling, and transit integration. 

Central Saanich's Active Transportation Plan

We adopted our first Active Transportation Plan in 2021. The plan outlines short-term and long-term networks and includes lists of priority projects. It is a living document influenced by availability of grants for certain projects, the annual District budget, District Council resolutions, and effective partnerships. 

Completed Projects

In 2022 three projects were completed (Keating School Zone, Brentwood School Zone and Benvenuto Pathway), over $700,000 in grant funding was received, a wayfinding signage strategy got underway, and the District began collecting a portion of taxes for active transportation infrastructure.

Upcoming Projects

Projects underway and coming up within the next few years are of the highest priority from the Active Transportation Plan. Standardized criteria were used to understand how well active transportation projects address the key objectives of the AT Plan (pg 92). One of the critical pieces to the plan is completing routes where there are gaps in the network.

For updates on current projects see


  • Saanich Cross Road A sidewalk will be installed from East Saanich to Central Saanich Road in late 2023/early 2024.
  • Wallace Drive cycling infrastructure (from Brentwood Bay/West Saanich to Saanichton/East Saanich) – This is the most requested project by the community and will provide a needed bike route from Brentwood to Saanichton. The conceptual design will begin in 2023 with construction in 2024. This work coincides with a sewer replacement project along part of the road as well as a required water main replacement closer to Saanichton. 
  • Mt Newton pathway (from Pat Bay highway to Saanichton) – This is another high priority of the Active Transportation Plan. Conceptual designs are underway and public consultation will take place in early spring with construction expected in 2024.
  • Central Saanich pathway (from Mt Newton going south) – With designs in the works, the public will be invited to view and comment on the project in early spring; construction is expected in 2024.
  • Saanichton Village bike lane and sidewalk improvements – The conceptual design phase will begin this year with construction in 2024. Design includes coordination with the Mt Newton Pathway design and the East Saanich Road and Mt Newton Cross Road intersection.
  • Active transportation wayfinding – The District has designed improved signage to help cyclists and pedestrians navigate the District easily and safely. Implementation will be subject to funding from grants and room in future District budgets.


  • Bus stop improvements – The District works with BC Transit to install or improve about two bus shelters a year. The location is determined by BC Transit based on ridership and other factors.
  • East Saanich Road bike lanes
  • Tanner Road improvements – bike lanes and sidewalks
  • Brentwood Bike facility – Brentwood Community Hall
  • Wallace Drive sidewalk design (Marchant to Sluggett)

Funding the Plan

Multiple streams of funding support the Plan, including capital spending, external grants, future land development using Development Cost Charge (DCC) and Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) mechanisms, external funding and partnerships. In 2022, the District began collecting a portion of taxes for active transportation infrastructure.

We're accelerating planned improvements to its active transportation network. The District has earmarked $10.4 million in investments over the next five years thanks to a $5.5 million grant from the province’s Growing Communities Fund, a one-time grant allocated to all BC municipalities based on population and growth.  

To be cost-effective, projects are integrated into other road works, for example, we look at upcoming road, sewer and water infrastructure needs and also the availability of grants as we look at opportunities for upcoming projects.