Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement

Municipal bylaws around land use, parking, noise, building standards, signs, business licencing and more help maintain a healthy and safe environment for the community. Bylaw enforcement staff aim to educate Central Saanich citizens about bylaws and obtain voluntary compliance or, if necessary, enforce the bylaws in a fair and consistent manner. Complaints are reviewed based on severity, hazard and resource availability. 

To make a complaint

Bylaw Complaint Form

The District of Central Saanich requires all complaints in writing by the form above or delivered to Municpial Hall. Information about the Complainant is kept confidential and is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ActUnless a complaint becomes a matter for the courts, the information will remain confidential.


Bylaw FAQs

Parking and Vehicle FAQs

Secondary Suite FAQs

Tree FAQs

Please see the Tree Removal and Planting page for the Tree Management Bylaw, which came into effect June 28, 2021.