Building Efficiency & Rebates

Is your house heated by fossil fuel?

You may be eligible for 0% interest financing to replace your fossil fuel air space heating system with an electric heat pump. Our program enables Central Saanich homeowners to fund up to $12,000 of the cost of getting off fossil fuel heating through an interest-free loan repaid on property tax bills over 10 years.

Learn more about the Heat Pump Financing Program 

Home energy retrofit rebates 

 Search (and combine!) rebates. Try the Rebate Search Tools below to check out the variety of available rebates, including:

  • Fossil fuel home heating: switch from a fossil fuel heat source (i.e.,  oil, propane, or natural gas) to an electric heat pump to receive some significant rebates (up to $21,250!)
  • Wood home heating: rebates are available ($1,000-$2,000) to switch from wood as your primary fuel for heating to electric heat pumps
  • Water heating
  • Building envelope (insulation, windows and doors)
  • Bonus offers for those who complete multiple upgrades

 CleanBC Better Homes Energy Savings Program   NEW!!  Income-qualified. Opens June 18, 2024

BetterHomesBC  (provincial)

 Canada Greener Homes (federal) - Please note: the grant program is closed, but the load program remains open (interest-free up to $40,000).

CleanBC Better Homes is funded by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund. CleanBC Better Homes rebates are administered by BC Hydro, FortisBC and BC Housing.


Free Home Energy Navigator Program - CRD 

Free support service is available to help homeowners through their home (energy) retrofit journey.  An Energy Concierge will be available to support you through your retrofit project to answer questions, give local and expert advice and help you navigate the complex world of home energy retrofits. For more information visit Home Energy Navigator, email or call 1-866-381-9995.  


Assessing your home

You may want to first contact an Energy Concierge, to help you virtually assess your home (for free), or you may be interested in hiring a professional energy advisor to undertake a detailed energy assessment (EnerGuide Assessment) for your home.  The energy assessment will rate the efficiency of your home and provide recommendations for retrofits based on their effectiveness for improving your home energy efficiency, reducing your home greenhouse gas footprint and enhancing your home comfort. Use the Energy Advisor Search Tool to locate a local energy advisor or service organization that provides services in your community.

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