Wallace Drive cycling infrastructure

About the Project
The Brentwood Sewer replacement project allows for improvements to Wallace Drive, including the installation of new bike lane to create a network from Brentwood Bay to Saanichton. 

Scope of Work
With respect to Wallace Drive between West Saanich Road and Stellys Cross Road, the primary goal is to improve safety along Wallace Drive for pedestrians.  The sidewalk is being replaced with a proper raised sidewalk and the road is being widened to the possible extents.  Given the physical and regulatory constraints, it is not possible to physically have separated bike lanes due to hydro towers and a narrow road right-of-way constrained by Hagen/ Graham Creek and its crossing of the road, existing drainage and two-way vehicle traffic. There will be a portion of the road that is shared, and marked with sharrows, which signal to road users that cyclists take the lane. 
A speed reduction from 50 km/ hour is also planned.

Project Updates
Council has asked staff to report back on options to improve cyclist safety along this section of roadway, including the feasibility of a multi-use path and alternative routes. Design options are being reviewed, and a report is to be presented to Council on July 22, 2024

More information
If you have any questions or concerns please, contact Central Saanich Engineering at 250-544-4210 or email engineering@csaanich.ca