Community Partnership Program

The District of Central Saanich’s Community Partnerships Program helps guide community groups and volunteers wishing to improve or develop community facilities, lands/parks or amenities—this includes existing agreements when the nature of the improvement or addition is new in scope.  

The Community Partnership Policy provides Council with the opportunity to conduct a coordinated review of requests prior to annual strategic planning and budgeting.  

This policy allows Council the opportunity to comprehensively review projects to identify:

  • if or how the District can partner on or support community projects,
  • required resources (in kind or otherwise)
  • whether there is a plan for short- and long-term funding for the project
  • probable timelines as well as procedural or legislative requirements
  • demonstrated sustainability of the projects
  • if the project is consistent with council and community priorities  

If your organization is interested in submitting a Community Partnership Proposal, please contact for further information and the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions