Watermain Flushing

Every year we flush our watermains to remove sediment and maintain good water quality.

Annual Water Main Flushing runs from February until mid May. Please review the Flushing Schedule for specific zones and Water Main Flushing Notice for complete details in the Documents.

If you have special requirements for water clarity, please contact the Municipal Yard at 250-544-4224 ext. 3221.

The District cannot accept any responsibility for damages caused by low water pressure or the use of discoloured water. Therefore, we advise consumers to be on the alert for reduced water pressure and/or temporary discoloration of water.

What can I do if I have discoloured water?

Discolouration is not a health hazard. It’s strictly aesthetic.

  • Run an outside tap or cold water tap in your bathtub until the water is clear.
  • Minimize consumption until water runs clear.
  • You may find that discoloured water can clog your kitchen and bathroom faucet screens. If that happens, clean them out by hand.