Overview of 2024 Budget Trends

As District staff begin preparing the upcoming year’s budget, the first step each year is to forecast budget drivers and trends, and provide rough estimates based on the previous year’s service levels. This helps Council and staff understand the level of taxation that would be needed to deliver the same services, and prioritize projects, such as infrastructure repairs and park amenities.

Staff present a report to Council in each year that summarizes this information and assists Council in providing direction to staff prior to drafting the budget for the District. The report notes the 2024 budget drivers are:

  • Contracted wage and benefit increases
  • Previous grant revenue no longer available
  • Future asset replacement funding
  • New and active transportation infrastructure funding
  • Removal of 2024 Business License renewal fees

This is preliminary information to inform Council and staff as they look to the next budget; this is not the proposed budget or tax increase for 2024. Other budget drivers may arise in the coming months prior to the draft budget being published in January 2024 and Council is currently in the process of finalizing their 2024 to 2027 Strategic Plan and Initiatives and reviewing the District’s staff and budget capacity to successfully deliver the plan in the coming years.

Next steps

As is the case each year, staff will review and compile the budget while looking for efficiencies, strategies, and a measured approach to deliver services expected by the community while respecting property taxation impacts.

Public engagement opportunities

We want to know what services are important to you.

Once the draft 2024 Financial Plan is published in January 2024, there will be multiple opportunities and methods for public comment. The public is also invited to attend Council meetings as staff present the budget to Council in February and March.

Please watch LetsTalkCentralSaanich.ca and the Community Focus newsletter sent with utility bills for dates in 2024.