Keating Parking Study Completed

In 2022, the District of Central Saanich conducted a study on the parking demand in the Keating Business District; this included forecasting the amount of parking required in the next twenty years. The study was presented to Council in September 2022 along with recommendations to address parking challenges and support future growth.


The first phase of the project included compiling an inventory of the number and location of parking spaces available in the Keating Business District at various times throughout the day. On- and off-street parking spaces were counted as well as any time restrictions. For background, the target occupancy rate of 85% is a commonly used number in the industry that represents an optimal balance between supply and demand.

  • In total, the study area has 493 on-street parking spaces and 87 parking lots with 2,825 off-street parking spaces.
  • Across all the street segments, the number of illegally parked vehicles ranged from 22 (at 5:00 PM) to 59 (at 1:00 pm)—about 4% to 12% of the total on-street parking supply.
  • Parking utilization both on- and off-street was generally higher in the morning and decreased throughout the afternoon.
    • The parking lots ranged from an average daily utilization of 0% (excluding work vehicles) to 175%.
    • Across all the street segments, the average parking utilization throughout the day was 56%.
    • Veyaness Road, Oldfield Road (North), and Kirkpatrick Crescent had between 92% to 131% utilization from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    • The streets that had the most instances of illegal parking were Sean Heights, Bertram Place, and Cunnanes Road.

Final report and recommendations

The final report is available here.

All project reports are available for download in the Documents section at